Yes, please.

“Five Step [Overdub Mashup]”

Radiohead vs. Dave Brubeck

Also, best thing said to me in recent memory:

“I hope you stay being a meteor that doesn’t just glance off atmospheres and drift away into the dark of space. I hope you keep on keeping on with direct hits on planets and with annihilating their civilizations.”

It feels like I am just too close to love you

Yeah, this is “that song from the IE9 commerical” — though it should be said I am in no way advocating the use of Internet Explorer. 

“Too Close”

Alex Clare


The Lateness of the Hour

Come along for the ride.

“5 on a Joyride”

Cody ChestnuTT


The Headphone Masterpiece

Just want to make sure you’re getting warmed up for The United State of Pop 2011…

“Reckoner Lockdown”

DJ Earworm


Download the MP3 for free at DJ Earworm’s site

I kick up the treble tone on my radio tape player box, right?

“Everyday Poppa”




Yet another long delay in new updates — the songs are always there for me, of course, so I apologize once more! I’ll go ahead and put it out there that over the past few months, a little bump in life has developed, but I’ll be okay… just a bit preoccupied, probably.

Therefore, I’m going to ask you (dear reader!) to actually pester me to update. I welcome all demands for new posts — comment on an entry or e-mail me any time at, and I should get off my ass and give you some music. If I missed a day of posting, feel free to just nudge me so I don’t go AWOL.



This apple sauce is from the apple orchard

“Roc Boys”

DJ Victory Dance

Mashup of “El Pico” by Ratatat and “Roc Boys (And The Winner Is…)” by Jay-Z

Aside: Mid-Naughties, Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC — Ratatat. Most amazing concert ever.

I need to work on my social awareness.


Porter Robinson


Spitfire EP

I recently discovered that I know a (literally) world-famous DJ/producer. He’s 19. He and his brother (who is a close friend) used to make stupid funny videos at the local Harris Teeter late at night, and I remember sitting in my apartment watching a series they did together, laughing my ass off. Then someone goes, “OMFG HAVE YOU HEARD OF PORTER ROBINSON?” And I’m all… “How do you know Nick‘s brother?”

And then I was properly put in my place. I think those Robinson kids are made of magic or something.

Anyway, Porter’s just released his new EP, and now I just get to watch in awe and feel old.

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