I’m just a raindrop in a river; just a little itty-bitty grain of sand.

“Wait So Long”

Trampled by Turtles



You’re starting to look as strangers look; attractive, yes, but not quite hooked.

I got to use my favorite tag for this one. Guess which one it is.

Old Man Luedecke - "My Love Comes Stepping Up The Stairs"

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“My Love Comes Stepping Up The Stairs”

Old Man Luedecke


My Hands are on Fire and other Love Songs

Apparently, there’s a cold that keeps going around and mutating and infecting everyone within a 10-mile vicinity of my office, so I have a sore throat and Mark is actually behaving as if he is ill, which means something horrible is coming my way.

Anyway, work has been crazy, but having my own office again is AMAZING. I even get to have my dog at work. I can’t tell you how many times over the past week I’ve considering bringing in a mattress or something and just sleeping there.

“it was not your fault but mine, and it was your heart on the line. i really fucked it up this time didn’t i, my dear?”

Little Lion Man

Mumford & Sons


Sigh No More

Part of what I like about Mumford & Sons is how their style reminds me of the movie Once (Irish indie-folk-rock). Basically, if you like “Little Lion Man” at all, or anything by Damien Rice, and you also happen to enjoy good movies, you need to see Once. It’s a entirely about music and there’s a lot of music performed in it, but it’s not something I’d ever really call a “musical” — though it did win an Oscar in 2008 for Best Original Song. Anyway, it’s awesome.

In addition, if you find that you enjoy the style of Once, I’d also recommend Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. And then go watch Waking Life (my favorite movie) and have your mind blown — Richard Linklater‘s fantastic like that.

I was hoping to finally get back to work today, but apparently my body and I are still not on the same page. Surgical follow-up tomorrow… hopefully that’ll help somehow.

“I did everything for you”

“For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti”

Sufjan Stevens


Album: “Michigan

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