A little late, but still worth it :)

“United State of Pop 2013 (Living the Fantasy)”

DJ Earworm



Every time I think of you, I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue.

“Bizarre Love Triangle / Time After Time (Live)”

The New Limb


Sounds People Can Hear

Studio version here.

Cover/Mashup of:

“Bizarre Love Triangle” by New Order

“Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper

BTW, yes, the blog’s style is broken (basically because I’m poor and didn’t renew some stuff). Considering a redesign; in the meantime, it’ll just be a little broken.

Boom, boom, boom.

“United State of Pop (World Go Boom)”

DJ Earworm


Here’s to a new chapter, eh?

I kick up the treble tone on my radio tape player box, right?

“Everyday Poppa”




Yet another long delay in new updates — the songs are always there for me, of course, so I apologize once more! I’ll go ahead and put it out there that over the past few months, a little bump in life has developed, but I’ll be okay… just a bit preoccupied, probably.

Therefore, I’m going to ask you (dear reader!) to actually pester me to update. I welcome all demands for new posts — comment on an entry or e-mail me any time at wp@saritate.com, and I should get off my ass and give you some music. If I missed a day of posting, feel free to just nudge me so I don’t go AWOL.



This apple sauce is from the apple orchard

“Roc Boys”

DJ Victory Dance

Mashup of “El Pico” by Ratatat and “Roc Boys (And The Winner Is…)” by Jay-Z

Aside: Mid-Naughties, Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC — Ratatat. Most amazing concert ever.

I need to work on my social awareness.


Porter Robinson


Spitfire EP

I recently discovered that I know a (literally) world-famous DJ/producer. He’s 19. He and his brother (who is a close friend) used to make stupid funny videos at the local Harris Teeter late at night, and I remember sitting in my apartment watching a series they did together, laughing my ass off. Then someone goes, “OMFG HAVE YOU HEARD OF PORTER ROBINSON?” And I’m all… “How do you know Nick‘s brother?”

And then I was properly put in my place. I think those Robinson kids are made of magic or something.

Anyway, Porter’s just released his new EP, and now I just get to watch in awe and feel old.

More Porter

We are always running for the thrill of it

“Walking on a Dream”

Empire of the Sun


Walking on a Dream