Resurrection of Gallbladder: Chapter II

X-rays didn’t show any large bile duct obstructions, but my doctor is still waiting on my blood results, which should be much clearer about what’s going on in my thorax area. I learned everything I ever needed to know about insect anatomy from SimAnt, by the way.

mmm green balls

Screw that spider, Imma eat some of these delicious GREEN BALLS here

Right now, Mark and I have plenty of mixers, but just Gin and Whiskey… so I made a Peach Waquiri (that’s right, Peach Schnapps, Daquiri mix, and Whiskey) in a highball. So I’m going to chill out after one hell of a work day.

Sunday and Monday’s songs will have a 0:00 timestamp, then I’ll post today’s.

“and the science gets done, and you make a neat gun for the people who are still alive”

Still Alive

GLaDOS (Ellen McLain) / Jonathan Coulton


Portal (End Credits Theme)

Fun fact: I have never played Portal.

“if you have a clue”

“The ‘Guess Who?‘ Jingle”


Distributed by The Milton Bradley Company

“Game cards do not actually talk”

This is one of those mornings that makes me question my sanity just because of the song.