I was going through my old files when I found a 12-year-old recording of a 12-year-old kid playing this song, so…

“Song for George [Live]”

Eric Johnson


Ah Via Musicom

I love this so hard. SO HARD.

“Julie-O [Arranged for Beatbox & Cello]”

Kevin Olusola

And one more from Kevin Olusola:

“Ridin’ Solo [K.O.ver]” by Jason Derulo

So, here’s a fun story. As a little kid, I started playing around on my grandparents’ piano after I had the privilege of listening to my grandfather play so often. He’s amazing, and he could just sit down and improvise absolutely beautiful jazz forever. So, naturally, it became my favorite “toy.” I figured out what arpeggios were (though I didn’t know the name for them at the time), and that turned me into an insatiable instrumental monster.

I picked up the clarinet in 5th grade, the bass clarinet and violin in 7th, the guitar in 8th, and I ended up teaching myself enough technical piano skills to get by with reasonable proficiency. The only issue I still can’t get over is reading a bass clef. It’s like my brain just can’t accept moving note values down two whole steps; so if I don’t write the bass clef’s key every measure or two, I end up turning it into double treble.

"The Pianist" by Luke Chueh

So. Anyway. The violin was a very generous Christmas gift from my parents. I had mentioned that I was interested in learning how to play it, and they completely surprised me. Unfortunately, because I was 12, I changed my mind constantly — so I still wanted to play the violin, but I decided I wanted to play the cello more. I took a couple year’s worth of violin lessons, and then high school band became my life.I still wish I’d learned how to play the cello. For several years, my parents bought front-row season tickets to the NC Symphony — something I think they enjoyed, but I suspect my interest in music played a big part in that. I absolutely loved watching the cellists and that emotional, deep, rich sound they have. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that items that are large, complicated, and fragile are pretty much always expensive.

"I will consume everything you own"

Except these -- these are small.

On a related note, I had a marching band nightmare last night. Instead of normal school-related nightmares where I’m completely unprepared for a test or something normal like that, I have nightmares that I’m back in marching band and I don’t know my sets. My last marching band performance was in 2004 — that’s six years ago — and I still have one dream like this pretty much every week.

If you were never in marching band, “sets” are positions and counts in a marching production — so, exactly where you’re supposed to be on the field, when you need to be there, how long you need to take to get there, and how you’re supposed to get there. And it’s all in time to the music. You have to memorize all of this in order to participate, and it’s pretty damn difficult. If you’re dedicated, though — which most marching band kids happen to be (because yes, it is a cult) — you learn them. If you don’t learn them, not only does that make you an idiot, it’s a very public way for everyone to notice that you’re an idiot.

How To Enrage a Band Director

It's easier to be that person than you might think.

Hm. It’s lunchtime… I guess I should do work now.

So, Darth Vader and Beethoven have a baby…

and this is its theme music:


“The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme)”

as interpreted by Richard Grayson


The composer of the original piece is a jerk, as I’ve mentioned before, so that’s all the credit needed.

This has to be my classiest morning to date

“Blue Rondo a la Turk”

The Dave Brubeck Quartet


Time Out


My grandfather and I both love Dave Brubeck, so this is not an unusual song for me.


However, my dreams last night were all narrated by Sir David Attenborough. And while I was watching a BBC documentary last night, it was not narrated by David Attenborough.

Okay, I’m going to go insane if I can’t identify this song

I may be on the wrong track, here, but:

There is a piano piece that sounds EXACTLY like something Thomas Newman (Road to Perdition, Pay It Forward, Finding Nemo, American Beauty…) would have composed — but I’m not 100% sure if it is actually his work, and no matter how I match the chord progressions, I can’t find the name of this piece anywhere.

It’s been featured in probably a million shows (Mark says House is one), but when we were flipping through the channels, it just so happened that it popped up on On the Road with Austin and Santino. I’m sorry?

Skip to 14:55 and I will love you forever. I wasn’t forced into any commercials, FWIW.

On the Road with Austin and Santino, Episode 4, “Brickfest Beauties”

For inspiration, this is one of the most beautiful modern movie compositions in existence.

If the only movie/TV composers alive were Thomas Newman, Michael Nyman, and Danny Elfman, I am pretty sure I’d be okay with that. Fuck John Williams, though. He and his lawyers are dicks. I’ve been holding this grudge against him since high school, and everyone who was in marching band with me knows why.

If I could revive Henry Mancini just for “Moon River”, though, I would. Zombie or not.

Oh, entirely unrelated: I don’t truly hate a lot of things, but I hate Nancy Grace. There are a couple words, despite all my cursing, that I do not use lightly. There’s one word in particular I wouldn’t even use for Sarah Palin — but Nancy Grace and Ann Coulter… in private company, I have used this word to describe those two. Only in private company. The following link is to a Mixed Martial Arts bulletin board, and I’m only linking you here because I happen to agree with the title of this thread and the first comment, and if my mom reads this and clicks that link: I apologize for my behavior, Mom.

Also, distantly related: have I ever mentioned that I giggle like an idiot whenever anyone says anything completely innocuous that could be construed as even remotely sexual? How It’s Made is so perfect for this. Mark thinks I’m an idiot. I agree. I’m ten.

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percocet: apply directly to the brain!


Claude Debussy


Pour le piano

It’s a miracle I even know what day it is. Consciousness is overrated, amirite?