Get it on my mind.

“Get It On My Mind”

Marvin Gaye v. The Pixies (DJ Zebra Mashup)

Hold on, I’m coming.


“Hold On, I’m Coming”

Sam and Dave


Hold On, I’m Coming

If I keep waking up with music like this, I guess I don’t care if I only get two hours of sleep on bad cold medicine.

Pack light.

“Bag Lady”

Erykah Badu


Mama’s Gun

If this music video doesn’t take me back to 2000, I don’t know what would. I bought Mama’s Gun when I was 13 and buying pretty much any CD I could get. I think my rule was that I would buy a CD if I liked two tracks from it, and then I’d listen to the whole thing to broaden my horizons. Worked out pretty well, I think.

You are the reason I stay.

“Pickin’ Up The Pieces” [Live]

Fitz and The Tantrums


Pickin’ Up the Pieces

I like the way you work it.

“No Diggity (Cover)”

Klaxons / Blackstreet

2007 / 1996

Radio Established 1967 / Another Level

T.I. has kidnapped my brain

“Whatever You Like (Cover)”

Anya Marina


Live at Paste