Just want to make sure you’re getting warmed up for The United State of Pop 2011…

“Reckoner Lockdown”

DJ Earworm


Download the MP3 for free at DJ Earworm’s site

Does summer come for everyone? Can humans do what prophets say?

“Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand”

Primitive Radio Gods



aka that song that goes “I’ve been downhearted baby, I’ve been down, I’ve been downhearted baby, ever since the day that we met, ever since the day…”

So, the second floor of my office is slowly becoming my loft. Economically, it makes far more sense for me to stay at the office during the week; and it’s actually not bad. My boss just needs some floor space for storage, but I can actually do whatever I want with the rest of the space. My parents’ house is extremely close, so laundry and showers are easily completed there — though there’s a good possibility a shower may be installed at the office soon.

I’m pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it is, actually. I have a whole bunch of blank A-frame walls — the kind of walls I actually always wanted in a bedroom — and I can go all “OMGIMMAARTIST” on them. It’s a nice space, as long as the A/C is on. Otherwise, it gets freakishly hot in here. I’m looking forward to a couple cold nights ahead.

I think I’ll paint it green.


edit: I re-pierced my nose last night, which just involved drinking a beer and then breaking through a thin layer of scar tissue. I’m mentioning this as an explanation just in case my nose ever falls off.

Last night, I had a nightmare that I installed Bonzi Buddy.

Girl Talk - Secret Diary (2002)

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“I Want You Back”

Girl Talk


Secret Diary






Would you like some extra Trojan with that?

My mother is the official authority on the origins of “Black Friday”


I think the radio interview she did last year (the one that was posted online, anyway) is gone now, but the discovery of the origins of Black Friday is completely hers. I like to brag about my mom, because she’s the best mom.

She’s available for more interviews this year. I’ll have my people call your people. Or… just ask, I guess.


Also, it’s time to note that I hadn’t been listening to Girl Talk nearly as much as I should have been UNTIL this week. So, I have finally seen the light. I also now have the entire discography! HOORAY!

While the song today is not Girl Talk, it is a pretty badass remix.


“Videotape (Tomato Remix)”

Tom Ato / Radiohead



do do do-do, do do-do do…

Tom’s Diner

Suzanne Vega / DNA

1990 (Original 1981)

Original album: Solitude Standing

Original a capella version:

“relax. take it easy, for there is nothing else that we can do. wouldn’t it be nice if we were older?”

yaaay more Robot Party

Robot Party - Chill, Bro
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Chill, Bro

Robot Party

between 2006 and 2009

Meet My Daughter

Mashup of

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?” by The Beach Boys

Relax, Take It Easy” by Mika

Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65

and… others.

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This is a mash-up of J-Kwon, Ying Yang Twins, and Plain White T’s — you have to listen or I’ll cry.

Something is wrong with my brain today, so I can assure you that more random posts are coming.

(edit: I fixed my stupid link problem on this post)

Robot Party - Delilah Has A Drinking Problem

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Delilah Has a Drinking Problem

Robot Party

between 2007 and 2009

Meet My Daughter

Mashup of:

Plain White T’s – “Hey There Delilah”

J-Kwon – “Tipsy”

Ying Yang Twins – “Say A Yi Yi”

and a piano bit I don’t recognize…

FYI, everything Robot Party has made is fucking incredible. Just listen to everything here.