It feels like I am just too close to love you

Yeah, this is “that song from the IE9 commerical” — though it should be said I am in no way advocating the use of Internet Explorer. 

“Too Close”

Alex Clare


The Lateness of the Hour

Jesus christ, MATHNET.

“Dun, dah dun dun DUN!”

Ben is an ass and got this theme song stuck in my head — 0:32 to 0:38.

Mathnet Theme Song

who cares.


It’s the theme to Dragnet. I have no idea how that came to mind.

Take me home when you’re done here.

“Prisoner” (Live)

Adam Crossley


Beautiful World

Start at 0:52 for music; the studio version, which really does the song justice, is HERE!

This is the most embarrassing post I’ve ever made.

I’ve been trying to get this out of my head for over a week now, but I can’t. I feel like it’s my responsibility at this point to post it, and make it clear that I have deep, dark secrets of which I can’t keep hiding anymore.

So, here’s the preface:

  1. The following is a Katy Perry song.
  2. I do, in fact, watch Glee — but I would probably not admit to it in person.
  3. I enjoy acapella group performances much more than I should. One Valentine’s Day at UNC, the Clef Hangers sang Swallowed in the Sea (Coldplay) outside the dining hall as I was on my way to class. I found it so beautiful that I almost cried. I didn’t, but… yeah.
  4. As a pre-teen, I did listen to ‘N Sync — I feel that this exposure may have something to do with why this particular song won’t go away. To be somewhat fair: at the same time I listened to boy bands, I also listened to a lot of Stone Temple Pilots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day (Dookie to Warning-era), Garbage, and The Offspring. For a 12-year-old upper-middle class white girl, I like to think that this was somewhat acceptable. My dad called it “boom boom music” and found it very irritating, so at least I was rebelling in some way. Since that was also the era of Creed, it’s worth nothing that I did, in fact, hate Creed.
  5. For the purposes of this post, I find Darren Criss attractive enough to help me deal with coming to terms with all of the above issues.
  6. I am posting another cover of the same song here — I find it to be much more substantial and interesting, so please listen to it if you still have any residual respect for my taste level.


So, there. I hope I have some redeeming qualities that will help you overlook this post and continue reading this blog in the future. Or, I’ll probably die alone.


“Teenage Dream (Glee Cast Version)”

Darren Criss with Glee cast (original: Katy Perry)


Glee: Season 2 / Teenage Dream


“Teenage Dream (Katy Perry Cover)”

The Rescues (official site is here)

Single (on iTunes): “Teenage Dream”

Okay, I’m going to go insane if I can’t identify this song

I may be on the wrong track, here, but:

There is a piano piece that sounds EXACTLY like something Thomas Newman (Road to Perdition, Pay It Forward, Finding Nemo, American Beauty…) would have composed — but I’m not 100% sure if it is actually his work, and no matter how I match the chord progressions, I can’t find the name of this piece anywhere.

It’s been featured in probably a million shows (Mark says House is one), but when we were flipping through the channels, it just so happened that it popped up on On the Road with Austin and Santino. I’m sorry?

Skip to 14:55 and I will love you forever. I wasn’t forced into any commercials, FWIW.

On the Road with Austin and Santino, Episode 4, “Brickfest Beauties”

For inspiration, this is one of the most beautiful modern movie compositions in existence.

If the only movie/TV composers alive were Thomas Newman, Michael Nyman, and Danny Elfman, I am pretty sure I’d be okay with that. Fuck John Williams, though. He and his lawyers are dicks. I’ve been holding this grudge against him since high school, and everyone who was in marching band with me knows why.

If I could revive Henry Mancini just for “Moon River”, though, I would. Zombie or not.

Oh, entirely unrelated: I don’t truly hate a lot of things, but I hate Nancy Grace. There are a couple words, despite all my cursing, that I do not use lightly. There’s one word in particular I wouldn’t even use for Sarah Palin — but Nancy Grace and Ann Coulter… in private company, I have used this word to describe those two. Only in private company. The following link is to a Mixed Martial Arts bulletin board, and I’m only linking you here because I happen to agree with the title of this thread and the first comment, and if my mom reads this and clicks that link: I apologize for my behavior, Mom.

Also, distantly related: have I ever mentioned that I giggle like an idiot whenever anyone says anything completely innocuous that could be construed as even remotely sexual? How It’s Made is so perfect for this. Mark thinks I’m an idiot. I agree. I’m ten.

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“it’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake! WHAT? if the way is hazy, HEY! you gotta do the cooking by the book; WHAT? you know you can’t be lazy! YEAH!”

“Cooking by the Book (A Lil’ Bigger Mix)”

LazyTown (Julianna Rose Mauriello) / Lil’ Jon


Mashup of

Cooking by the Book” (LazyTown, 2005)


Step Yo Game Up” by Snoop Dogg ft. Lil Jon and Trina (R&G [Rhythm & Gangsta]: The Masterpiece, 2004)

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“making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got”

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Gary Portnoy


Theme song to Cheers

I think the last time I saw even a part of Cheers was when I was 11 and my dad was watching TV — it’s anybody’s guess as to why it came to me today.