“oye, muñeca ya mueve la cadera sobre el ritmo y las trompetas. feel the beat kick hard como escopeta.”

Return of the Tres

Delinquent Habits


Merry Go Round

Yes, this song was in a Nike commercial.

“quelqu’un m’a dit que tu m’aimais encore [someone told me that you still love me]“

Quelqu’un m’a dit

Carla Bruni


Quelqu’un m’a dit

For some reason I never put “Carla Bruni – musician” and “Carla Bruni – first lady of France” together until just now.

Also, even though half my family speaks French, every time I make an attempt at the language I think of the chef who tried to chop up Sebastian in The Little Mermaid:

I giggle like a 2-year-old every time I hear “Zut alors, I have missed one!”

Chicas in Mijas

Oh, to be 16 again. (far left, in Mijas, Spain)


So, I didn’t get home from working until 1:30 or 2 AM last night… and then I was reminded that I hadn’t eaten in two days. For some reason, that means I reverted six years and I’ve got Spain and Andrés Segovia on my mind — but I hear way more norteño these days (or just anything on “LA LEY, NOVENTA Y SEIS PUNTO NUEVE!”). I guess I’ve come up with a combination of the two, somehow.



Gipsy Kings


Gipsy Kings


This reminds me so much of the gitano and zambra flamenca in las Cuevas del Sacromonte, which was 10,000% better than what you’d see in any of the tablaos (lame touristy events and lots of euro-gringos for the most part). Granted, this song is sort of mainstream, but since the majority of the Gipsy Kings are actually of gitano descent, that makes me feel like I’m staying true to Spain, my country away from home.


By the way:




I shot this in Grenada in 2004 during a stay over there.

I apologize for the quality; I was just awesome at using an old point-and-shoot camera to record video (in the dark, after a good deal of sangría).


One note, though. If you’re walking around Spain and encounter someone like this:


€0,50? No, she meant €500 and you're already holding some of her leaves. You're screwed.

If you don’t avoid her, she’s going to put a curse on you — whether you say you’ll buy her herbs or not. WISDOM.

in Chinese: “bang bang — he shot me down — bang bang — i hit the ground”

“Bang Bang!”



Things To Listen To When You’re High Vol. 1

(I think)

Remix is of

Betty Chung’s cover (2008, Stoned Circus) of

Nancy Sinatra‘s cover (1966, How Does That Grab You? — which was featured in Kill Bill in 2003) of

Cher‘s Bang Bang (1966, The Sonny Side of Cher) — which was written by Sonny Bono

Can I just say something? I love covers. I love covers so hard.